Crown Green Bowls

Due to insufficient Entries the 1st Div. Merit Competition has been cancelled this year.

2nd Division Merit. To be played Monday 23rd July. All start times : 7:00 pm
Greens to be Confirmed

@ Ball (Confirmed) 8 play down to 2

W. Stewart (Well. B) v A. Ellington (Rainhill B)
T. Black (P. Man. B) v D. O’Sullivan (Moorfield B)
A. Youds (Well. B) v C. Rampling (P. Man. B)
C. Black (P. Man. B) v R. Baxter (Cronton)

Qualifiers: A. Youds and C. Black

@ Wellington (Confirmed) 8 play down to 2

D. Coogan (Rainhill B) 18 v 21 B. Elliss (Moorfield B)
D. Lohrenz (L. Ends B) 21 v 11 W. McCabe (Rainhill B)          B. Elliss 21 v 12 W. McCabe
P. Nicklin (Cronton) 13 v 21 P. McQuillan (Cronton)
M. Bennet (P. Man. B) W/O v DNS T. Galloway (Cronton)       P. McQuillan 15 v 21 M. Bennet

Qualifiers: B. Elliss and M. Bennet

@ Jaguar (Confirmed) 10 play down to 2

1. J. Fairclough (L. Ends B) 21 v 15 P. Higginson (Ball B)
2. D. Everitt (Ball B) 21 v 07 P. Wilson (Rainhill B)
J. Fairclough (Lane Ends B) 19 v 21 D. Everitt (Ball B)
A. Skelhorn (Cronton) DNS v W/O R. Davis (L. Ends B)         R. Davis (Lane Ends B) 21 v 17 D. Everitt (Ball B)
P. Williams (Cronton) 13 v 21 S. Brennan (L. Ends B)
G. Harrison (Ball B) 21 v 15 M. Barret (Rainhill B)                  S. Brennan (Lane Ends B) 16 v 21 G. Harrison (Ball B)             

Qualifiers: R. Davis and G. Harrison

@ Prescot Manor (Confirmed) 10 play down to 2

1. C. Gaffney (Rainhill B) v R. Youds (Well. B)
2. D. Quirk (Cronton) v P. Elliss (Moorfield B)
Winner 1 v Winner 2 
.J. Youds (Well. B) v T. Carr (Cronton)
M. Blundell (Well. B) v E. Ellis (Moorfield B)
J. Lamb (Well. B) v J. King (Cronton)

Qualifiers: E. Elliss and J. Youds

Final 8 Halewood, Friday 27th July.

Quarter Finals

J. Youds (Wellington B) 06 V 21 B. Elliss (Moorfield B) 

G. Harrison (Ball B) W/O v DNS E. Elliss (Moorfield B)

C. Black (P. Manor B) 09 v 21 R. Davis (L. Ends A)

M. Bennet (P. Manor B) 21 v 19 A. Youds (Wellington B)

Semi Finals.

B. Elliss (Moorfield B) 20 v 21 G. Harrison (Ball B) 

R. Davis (L. Ends B) 20 v 21 M. Bennet (P. Manor B)


G. Harrison (Ball B) 21 v 11 M. Bennet (P. Manor B)

Winner 2018:          G. Harrison (Ball B)

Congratulations to George, and well done all who took part. Some excellent bowls and the support was terrific. Our thanks to Halewood Bpwling Club for the use of the Green and facilities, Special thanks to J. Dowling Dave Quirk and Chris Wright for pegging, and to all who marked cards and assisted in general. 

The Committee