Crown Green Bowls



Division 1:

A Rolls (Smithy Manor)  v  L McEgan (Eccleston)        21-13

P Gartside (Smithy Manor)  v  A Hayes (Eccleston)     11-21


A Rolls   13  v  A Hayes   21


Division 2:

M Bellfield (Widnes)  v  G Elliott (Fords)                      21-18

P Cunningham (Fords)  v  C Gaffney (Rainhill)            21-09


M Bellfield   21  v  P Cunningham   16

Division 3:

S Donnelly (Widnes)  v  P Nicklin (Cronton)                21-10

J Lamb (Wellington)  v  C Lamb (Wellington)              12-21


S Donnelly   21  v  C Lamb   17




Non Handicap Competition

Entrance Fee: £2.00

Start Time: 7:00p.m. (Scratch Time: 7:15).

Closing Date: Saturday 30th May.


Qualifying Rounds:

1st and 2nd Rounds: Monday 15th June

3rd and 4th Rounds: Monday 29th June

Finals Day: Friday 24th July.

Entry Sheets will be distributed at the Fixture Meeting, 1st April 2015


Third and Fourth Rounds Monday 29th June 2015 Start Time 7.00 p.m.

8 Play Down to 2 to Qualify

First Division at FORDS

D. Eustace (Bold) 21 v 18 S. Weadock (Halewood)

M. Mullen (Bold) 07 v 21 L. McEgan (Eccleston)

A. Burrows (Eccleston) 21 v 09 J. Willets (Lane Ends)

A. Moss (Lane Ends) 21 v 16 J Hollywood (Widnes)


L. McEgan (Eccleston) 21 v 16 D. Eustace (Bold)

A. Moss (Lane Ends) 21 v 18 A. Burrows 

L. McEgan and A. Moss Qualify

First Division at BALL

C. Willets (Lane Ends) 20 v 21 C. McEagan (Lane Ends)

K. Kearns (Lane Ends) 18 v 21 C. Taylor (Eccleston)

P. Gartside (Bold) 18 v 21 A. Hayes (Eccleston)

A. Stirzaker (Bold) 20 v 21 K. Ellis (Lane Ends)


C. McEagan (Lane Ends) 13 v 21 C. Taylor (Eccleston)

A. Hayes (Eccleston) 21 v 06 K. Ellis (Lane Ends 

A. Hayes and C. Taylor Qualify

Second Division at MOORFIELDS

J. Bate (Birchfield) 21 v 09 N. Overy (Fords)

N. Fitzsimons (Ball) 18 v 21 J. Fairclough (Lane Ends)

G. Jacks (Birchfield) 21 v 09 S. Lewis (Lane Ends)

K. Clemson (Lane Ends) 21 v 11 D. Martin (Fords)


J. Bate (Birchfield) 12 v 21 J. Fairclough (Lane Ends)

K. Clemson (Lane Ends) 10 v 21 G. Jacks (Birchfield)

J. Fairclough and G. Jacks Qualify

Second Division at WIDNES

J. Penny (Moorfields) 21 v 14 D. Edwards (Birchfield)

B. Butler (Lane Ends) 09 v 21 E. Brooks (Ball)

C. Yates (Moorfields) 21 v 18 P. Minett (Hakewood)

M. Picket (Rainhill) 21 v 19 S. Bate (Birchfield)


J.Penney (Moorfield) 13 v 21 E. Brooks (Ball)

C. Yates (Moorfields) 19 v 21 M. Picket (Rainhill)

E.Brookes and M. Picket Qualify

Third Division at USC

L. Morris (Moorfields) 21 v 16 T. Woods Ball)

R. Reece (Wellington) 21 v 13 D. Lewis (Moorfields)

L. Marshall (Moorfields) 21 v 13 R. Hunt (Moorfields)

S. Donnely (Widnes) 21 v 15 J. Lamb (Wellington)


L. Morris ( Moorfields) 18 v 21 R. Reece (Wellington)

L. Marshall (Moorfields) 05 v 21 S. Donnely (Widnes)

R. Reece and S. Donnely Qualify

Third Division at Prescot Manor

D. Quirk (Cronton) 21 v 05 R. Youds (Wellington)

P. Hoolihan (Cronton) 02 v 21 E. Ellis (Moorfields)

A. Skelhorn (Cronton) BYE v J. King (Cronton)

G. Hughes (USC) 21 v 18 P. Ellis (Moorfields)


D. Quirk (Cronton) 08 v 21 E. Ellis (Moorfields)

A. Skelhorn (Cronton) 18 v 21 G. Hughes (USC)

E. Ellis and G. Hughes Qualify


Finals Night Friday 24th July 2015. Practice 6:00 p.m. Start 6.30 p.m.

Venue: Halewood

Please note: The order of matches shown below is not necessarily the order of play.

First Division

L McEgan (Eccleston) 20 v 21 A Moss (Lane Ends}

A Hayes (Eccleston) 21 v 15 C Taylor (Eccleston)


A Moss (Lane Ends) 7 v 21 A Hayes (Eccleston)

Winner A Hayes


Second Division

E. Brooks (Ball) 16 v 21 M. Picket (Rainhill)

J. Fairclough (Lane Ends) 15 v 21 G. Jacks (Birchfield)


M Pickett (Rainhill) 21 v 16 G Jacks (Birchfield)

Winner M Pickett


Third Division

R Reece (Wellington) 7 v 21 S Donnely (Widnes)

E Ellis (Moorfields) 14 v 21 G Hughes (USC)


S Donnely (Widnes) 19 v 21 G Hughes (USC)

Winner G Hughes