Crown Green Bowls


I am missing the following results. Even the latest ones are now 2 weeks overdue. I need these results ASAP in order to finalise the league tables and to get them sorted on the web site. Any results shown below not received by Monday next, 24th September WILL be forfeited, and the winning team will gain no points, as per rule 9(b). So if your team won and you want the points, let me know NOW. Please all be forewarned, I intend to implement this rule in full next season. Any result not notified as per rule 9(b) (i.e. within SEVEN DAYS) next season, WILL incur a 2 point penalty to the winning team.

Division 1

11th June Widnes A v Lane Ends A
6th July Moorfield A V Childe of Hale A
16th July Childe pf Hale A v Lane Ends A
03rd Sept. Lady Margaret A v Halewood A

Division 2

09th July Dundalk Halton v Wellington B
16th July Wellington A v Moorfield B
03rd Aug. Wellington B v Lane Ends B
03rd Sept. Wellington B v Moorfield B

Best regards

Pat Clancy Hon. Secretary